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Harvest Festival
September 23, 2020 | 2:00-6:00pm
Level 300 – Ballroom A/B | Philadelphia Convention Center, PA

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Get in front of buyers a day before the Expo East floor opens


Why Exhibit at the Harvest Festival?

The Harvest Festival, part of Natural Products Expo East, is a tabletop event with a festival-style atmosphere where you can highlight your products to buyers the day before the trade show floor even opens. This event allows you to connect with attendees on a more personal and intimate level, and expands your exhibit time to four days instead of three.


A Small Investment with Big Results

Current Expo East Exhibitors

The 2020 Harvest Festival is the best way for current exhibitors to maximize their exposure at Expo East. This unique event allows you to reach attendees and provide samples in a more personal environment, AND expand your exhibit time to four days.

Non-Exhibiting Expo East Exhibitors

The Harvest Festival is a great way to introduce or launch your product. The Harvest Festival offers a one-day introduction to exhibiting at the largest natural and organic products trade show on the East Coast, with a limited investment of resources.



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