Nikki Montisanti

PTA Global Trainer
Kill Cliff


An athlete her entire life, Nikki's talents led her to play college softball at Lander University where she earned her bachelor's degree in Biology/Chemistry. Upon graduation, she immediately went on to be a lab technician with a nutritional supplement company. Feeling unfulfilled, she decided to follow her dreams of a career in fitness and pursued a career in anatomy and physiology of the body.

Nikki continues to test the limits of her physiology and recently competed in a bodybuilding competition. Her athletic and nutritional background continues to propel her career forward. She has built a large following online (@nikkii_fitness) and is a reliable resource for individuals wanting to reach the next level.

She now leads a group fitness studio in Atlanta, GA called Solcioty Fitness. She continues to help people reach their goals, whether physical or mental.


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