Caroline Fausel

Olive You Whole


Caroline Fausel has always loved nutrition. Married to a doctor, they always had the “nutrition v medicine” debate… Finally, they read the first Whole30 book “It Starts With Food,” which had enough science and research to convince her husband Chaz to try the Whole30. They finished their first Whole30 in June of 2014, and Caroline started her blog Olive You Whole in July of 2014.

Since then, Caroline has completed 8 rounds of Whole30! Now with a better understanding of what makes us healthier, Caroline develops recipes for those striving to eat clean, whether Paleo or Whole30. She is also a Whole30 Certified Coach, and has walked thousands of people through the Whole30 with the hopes that it changes their lives as much as it has changed hers!


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