Sarita Lopez

Owner & Founder
Green-Go Cactus Water


Sarita Lopez is the owner and founder of Green-Go Cactus Water, one of the few plant waters in the US without sugar or calories. Sarita worked in the beverage industry while living in Austin, TX, and insisted she would never start a beverage business of her own after witnessing first hand what a crazy world grocery can be. After moving back to her hometown of Napa, CA, Sarita ran a small organic farm where she learned about the drought-resistant Nopal cactus paddle and its amazing health benefits. Soon, Sarita began to harvest and sell the paddles to her customers, who she discovered were juicing them. Sarita decided it was time to put her beverage background to the test and create a product of her own, eating her previous words in the process. After much trial and error, Sarita launched Green-Go Cactus Water in late 2017, which is now being sold nationwide. It’s her goal to continue educating the public about the amazing Nopal cactus, while trying to stay as sane as possible – a statement all budding entrepreneurs can understand!


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