Alicia Potter

Founder + Creative Director
Faven Creative


Alicia is the founder and creative director of Boulder-based, Faven Creative, where she specializes in branding and packaging design for good-for-you brands. Since her youth, Alicia was rarely seen without a drawing utensil in hand. And as an adult she discovered the healing powers of food to overcome health issues. At Faven, she unites her love of design with her deep passion for the natural food movement.

Alicia has nearly 2 decades of branding experience working with large and small CPG brands. She approaches design through a strategic lens giving purpose and meaning to every element. She strolls through grocery stores as if they are the latest art galleries and constantly strives to find inspiration in unlikely places.

When she’s not in the office, you’ll find her at home trying new dishes her kids may or may not eat, or scratching her traveling itch on her next family adventure.


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