Tyler Lorenzen



Tyler Lorenzen is the President of PURIS Proteins and leads PURIS’ leadership team and responsible for the Board of Directors management for both PURIS Proteins and World Food Holdings.

In 2011, Tyler joined the business to launch the company into the plant protein space. Following a facility acquisition, Tyler executed the plan to build the team, board and investors to propel the Lorenzen family’s plant protein strategy.

Originally, as Vice President of Business Development, Tyler led the commercial development of PURIS Pea Protein launched in 2014. PURIS pea proteins are known for their clean flavor, multipurpose uses, and its end to end model or plant base protein production.

During the growth of the business, Tyler led the rebrand to PURIS, to capture the essence of his father’s vision of protein independence and ultimately a Plant Strong Planet. Tyler led the diligence process between PURIS and Cargill to close the joint venture in 2018.

A graduate from University of Connecticut, Tyler majored in International Business Management and was the captain and starting quarterback for the football team. Tyler pursued his football career in the NFL where he won the Super Bowl with the New Orleans Saints.


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