Roxanne Bispham

Kitchen Manager & Head Chef
Debra's Natural Gourmet


Roxanne Bispham left corporate America over a decade ago to follow her passion for food. Classically trained as a chef, she worked with caterers in and around Boston and as a baker at Kick*ss Cupcakes, before joining Debra’s Natural Gourmet six years ago. Today, she develops recipes, leads production and procurement, and manages a dozen cooks and bakers (and cooks and bakes herself), in a high-volume natural foods kitchen. She enjoys managing a cheerfully crazy kitchen that is constantly experimenting with superfoods, local foods and foods from around the world. Roxanne is also in charge of culinary preproduction for the cooking show, Eat Well Be Happy, streaming to anyone anywhere on any device at The knowledge that she has learned from adopting a natural food lifestyle has enabled her to better care for her husband and two children, both of whom have severe food allergies.


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