Blake Mitchell

Interact on Shelf


Blake Mitchell is President at Interact Boulder, a Colorado based strategic branding and packaging studio with a sole focus on the food and beverage industry. Blake helps navigate Interact’s diverse mix of well-established to disrupting, entrepreneurial clients through consumer challenges and marketplace hurdles.

Blake has built his business around the motivation of the impact good packaging design has on increasing sales for clients. Interact Boulder has built lasting relationships with clients like Bandar, Enjoy Life, Pasta Chips, Vive Organic, NuNaturals, KeHe, White Castle, Marzetti, and Dogfish Head Brewery amongst others.

Blake's tireless energy to pursue innovation keeps the team and their partners up on what's happening in the world, whether it be a new food truck in Portland, a Grocery Store in San Francisco or an emerging juice brand in Hong Kong.

Blake feels most at home talking with brand founders about why they started their pursuit and where they're headed. If you meet Blake, he will likely be asking lots of questions.


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