Michel Cavigelli PhD

Lead Scientist
USDA Agricultural Research Service, Farming Systems Project


Dr. Cavigelli is the Lead Scientist on the Farming Systems Project. The major focus of this long-term field cropping systems study is to evaluate the sustainability of no-till, conventional till, and organic cropping systems by measuring agronomic performance, nutrient dynamics, soil biological activity and community structure, and predicting the long-term sustainability of cropping systems.

Dr. Cavigelli is directly responsible for base-line data such as crop and weed biomass, crop nutrient contents, soil fertility, soil quality, soil nutrient dynamics, and soil moisture and temperature. Nutrient dynamics research currently includes measuring soil inorganic nitrogen dynamics, biogenic greenhouse gas (CO2, N2O, CH4) fluxes, soil and nutrient runoff potentials, and nitrate leaching potential.


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