Grant Ferrier

Managing Director
Nutrition Capital Network


Grant Ferrier is CEO and co-founder of Nutrition Capital Network, an entity that connects investors and growth companies in the nutrition and health & wellness industriy. NCN hosts four Investor Meetings annually, 2 focused on finished products and 2 on ingredients & science.

Grant leads the screening process that evaluates more than 100 companies for each meeting where 20-25 companies are selected and mentored by NCN and its selection committee to present in 10-minute intervals to an audience of 60-70 investors. Grant also leads the interaction with NCN Cornerstone Investor members. Grant is the co-founder and former editor of Nutrition Business Journal, a business he ran for from 1996-2007, selling it to New Hope Natural Media in 2001. Grant is on the board of four companies, has made personal investments in two companies besides his own, and has facilitated more than 10 financing or M&A transactions.


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